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          HUI ZHOU HUI PU ELECTRONIC CO., LTD Focus on consumer electronics, is specializes in developing, producing and distributing portable audio and video products as DVD/CD Boombox, language repeater, cassette recorder and radio ect.

          Our factory is located in Huizhou city, which has been ISO-9001 certified, occupies 15000 square meters area, there are 7 production lines and over 700 workers whom are highly trained. Monthly capacity is 300,000pcs. Strongly R&D group including 15 engineers who design the appearance, structure, mould circuit ect, and promote many new products monthly. Besides, we have our own plastic injection department to complete plastic injection, painting, silk-screen and hotstamp procedure.

          With solid technical strength and outstanding quality control and management system, we are authorized by “PANDA ELECTRONICS” to be the only production base and distributer for all “PANDA” brand portable audio & video products, the marketing net spreads 30 cities of china. Besides, our products are exported to Japan, Korea, USA, east europe, south Africa……

          Our company has obtained the good reputation and affection from customers by the always stylish design, wonderful quality, prompt manufacture as well as excellent service. We are dedicated in innovating and creating higher values for all customers. Welcome all “OEM” and “ODM” business cooperation.

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